Field-Map Inventory Analyst (FMIA)

FMIA is software application for evaluation of statistical forest inventories. It provides user with easy handling and processing of the databases of field data. Data can be completed, pre-processed and processed in order to obtain final statistical results and output. Automatically generated output consists of classified tables of results and graphs. As option the user may complete the result with methodological remarks, definition of the terms and comments.


FMIA covers following tasks:

  • Calculation of secondary and derived variables using predefined models and in-built functions
  • e.g. calculation of height for those tree which were not measured in the filed,

    calculating tree volume using user defined or local volume equations etc.

  • Post-stratification

  • Aggregation
  • aggregating data of specific data layers and calculating descriptive statistics;

    e.g. summarizing deadwood logs within a plot, calculating mean log volume, sample variance, standard deviation, standard error etc.

  • Classification
  • user defined classifying of continuous data values into classes;

    e.g. age to age classes, tree diameter into diameter classes, etc.

  • Re-classification
  • re-grouping of discrete data values; e.g. tree species into species groups etc.

  • SQL update or scripts
  • using SQL commands or user defined scripts to create and calculate derived variables.

  • Statistical data processing
  • The tasks of statistical data processing can be formulated using interactive forms and used repeatedly.

    Outputs of calculation are presented in form of tables and charts. Each task can be supplemented by user’s comments, methodology descriptions and definitions.


Main advantages of using Inventory Analyst:

  • Easy and fast data preparation (data preprocessing)
  • Calculated values are added into the source database
  • Easy definition of statistical tasks (import/export of definitions of the statistical tasks)
  • Automatic creating of printable outputs including charts
  • Possibility of multilingual outputs