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User-defined lookup lists and conditional lookup lists

  • Lookup lists. It is a special attribute type, which combines numeric or alphanumeric ID and description. ID is a unique code entered into the database. Description is a verbal explanation of the ID’s meaning. Lookup lists are preferably used where asset of predefined values is known prior to commencing data collection. A lookup list attribute has the following advantages: Fast data collection, Database consistency (only predefined values may be entered), possible conditionality of lookup lists.
  • Conditional lookup lists. It is another type of lookup list, but it dynamically changes the number of items in relation to the master lookup list. It is a table consisting of four columns: Master, ID, Value and Active. Master contains the item from the master lookup list. When Master item is selected in master lookup list, then the subset of items becomes available in a conditional lookup list. ID, Value and Active have the same meaning as they have in ordinary lookup lists.
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