Field-Map in Keywords - Differentiating Field-Map

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Developed for foresters by foresters = no programming capabilities required to develop and run comprehensive field data collection projects

Field-Map is an integrated tool designed for computer aided field data collection.

The versatile functionality of Field-Map used as its own or in combination with the newest hardware components for field measurement and field computing makes Field-Map suitable for all kinds of field data collection.

Field-Map has been designed “for foresters by foresters” and the idea behind it is to provide forester or ecologist with a powerful tool for field data collection. Field-Map is rather flexible and does not require programming capabilities in order to adjust software for your needs. Despite its comprehensive nature, Field-Map is still use-friendly. The MS Windows environment makes the software understandable for ordinary computer users. Field-Map makes the newest measurement technology accessible to non-computer specialists. The available technical support and training programme make your start quick and easy.
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