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User-written scripts for additional user-defined functionality (on-change, on-validate events, on-demand routines) written in Field-Map Object Pascal

The user can extend the functionality of Field-Map by writing its own scripts in Field-Map Object Pascal. These functions consist in on-validate events, on-change events and on-demand routines.

On-validate events. This function checks if an attribute value (intended to be captured) satisfies or not the predefined conditions to be stored in the database. Depending on it, the user-defined script will accept or reject the attribute value.

On-change events. This option allows the user to write scripts aimed at running automatically special functions required by the user.

On-demand routines. This option is particularly useful after the data collection capturing. It allows the Field-Map user to write scripts oriented at running non-automatic functions that the user may require to satisfy a particular need.
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