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Advanced attributes (height, diameter, stem volume, branch length, crown projection/surface/volume)

  • Height attribute is a floating point number representing height in meters, which can be received from electronic inclinometer. For trees this attribute is automatically included but you can also define it manually for other entities.
  • Tree Diameter attribute is integer number and it represents diameter in millimeters measured in other then breast height. It can be measured by a calliper or by an optical device for remote diameter measurement.
  • Stem volume. This value will be automatically calculated and added to the system after measuring the entire stem profile.
  • Line Length is an integer number and it represents the length of the line. This attribute supports: a general line (2D and 3D distance) and a projected line (e.g. length of branches).
  • Measurement of trees is extensively supported by external electronic measurement devices. Laser range finders, electronic inclinometers, electronic compasses and electronic callipers are used for mapping and measurement of 3D features describing trees. Based on these measurements Field-Map automatically calculates the stem volume, the crown surface and volume as weel as the are of crown projection.
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